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House and garden

Kitchen compost bin

  • € 65.00

  • Recycle your organic wastes into high valuable compost and reduce your garbages to minimum

19 L very high quality plastic bin, with EM-X® ceramic powder SUPER CERA C® build in the plastic,

to ferment your organic wastes and convert them into very high quality compost (Bokashi).


With tap, to collect the liquids and use as nutrients for your plants, diluted with water.


By sprinkling a handful of wheat bran Bokashi each time kitchen waste is added to the bucket,

valuable organic material can be derived.


The added micro-organisms from the fermented wheat bran Bokashi, ensure a complete fermentation process.

  • "Bokashi", is the Japanese term for good fermented organic material.

Wheat bran Bokashi

  • Wheat bran fermented with EM1®, sugar cane molasses and ceramic powder Super Cera C®

  • 1 kg  € 7.00

  • 2 kg  € 12.00

  • 4 kg  € 20.00

For bigger quantities, just give us a call or.. recipie and do it by your self.

Birchmeier sprayers and garden equipment

Swiss made high quality

Foxy plus hand sprayer

  • 0,5 L great quality plastic transparent tank.


  • Spraying in any position!


  • Impact-resistant


  • deciliter scale


  • adjustable nozzle for superfine mist spraying 

  • € 10.00

Aquamix 1.25 V

A very helpful mixer to incorporate EM into water.


Fill the tank with undiluted activated EM1®

and connect the water hose on it.


Water and shower the plants with EM™.


Adjustable mix ratio 0.2% - 0.5% - 1% - 2%

  • € 40.00

Super Star pressure hand sprayer 1.25

1,25 L great quality plastic transparent tank.


Robust, hand-operated compression sprayer.


Adjustable nozzle with swiveling head and safety valve.


Operating pressure 2 bars. 

  • € 30.00

BOBBY powder atomizer

  • € 30.00

  • Small and light powder duster.


  • Simple to use – excellent effect.


  • Big bellows generating a smooth powder cloud


  • Ideal for dusting EM Super Cera C®, sulfates, zeolite, etc

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