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Activation lab

What you need to wake up the microbes and multiply them: 

  • A plastic tank that closes airtightly

  • Sugar cane molasses

      and of course..

  • EM1®, the microbes themselves

  • The microbes in dormant state. 1L can be activated and multiply to 20L.

  • 1L  € 35.00

  • 5L  € 140.00

Activation process 

The activation process is simply by mixing EM1®, sugar cane molasses and water in the activation tank

and just leave it for 7 days to ferment.

The ratio of EM1® and molasses, is 5% each, according to the volume of the activation tank.


For example..

To activate 10L of EM1®, you should use the 10L activator, where you should mix 500ml of EM1®, 500ml of molasses

and fill it with water.

We recommend to use the "ready to use" fermenters..


  • to make things easier to you

  • for quarantied success of fermentation

  • for high quality production of activated EM1®


In case you want to make one on your own, make sure you do it right.


You should also make sure that you 've got the right pH (3.0 - 3.8) at the end of the fermentation.


This, you can check very easily with the paper stripes pH indicators or any other pH meter. 

Sugar Cane molasses

  • The high sugar content and the proportion of valuable minerals, makes sugar cane molasses an ideal food for EM.


  • Together with EM1®, a suitable fermenter (activation tank)

      and good quality water, activated EM1® can be produced.

  • 5L  € 40.00

Activation tanks

  • Plastic tanks, ready to use, in various sizes according to your needs, to activate and multiply the microbes in EM1®, the easiest way.


  • With fixed glass heater

  • Auto ventilation

  • plastic tap for easy bottling

  • wide embouchure for easy cleaning

  •   5L  € 75.00

  • 10L  € 85.00

  • 20L  € 100.00

  • 100L  € 140.00

  •   50L  € 120.00

  • Booklet with 100 paper stripes to check the pH, at the end of the activation.

pH indication stripes

  • € 15.00 - 100 stripes

Tip! You don't need to use the whole stripe to check the pH but just a small piece of it.

      This makes the booklet very economic and long time lasting.

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