Activation lab

What you need to wake up the microbes and multiply them: 

  • A plastic tank that closes airtightly

  • Sugar cane molasses

      and of course..

  • EM1®, the microbes themselves

  • The microbes in dormant state. 1L can be activated and multiply to 20L.

  • 1L  € 35.00

  • 5L  € 140.00

Activation process 

The activation process is simply by mixing EM1®, sugar cane molasses and water in the activation tank

and just leave it for 7 days to ferment.

The ratio of EM1® and molasses, is 5% each, according to the volume of the activation tank.


For example..

To activate 10L of EM1®, you should use the 10L activator, where you should mix 500ml of EM1®, 500ml of molasses

and fill it with water.

We recommend to use the "ready to use" fermenters..


  • to make things easier to you

  • for quarantied success of fermentation

  • for high quality production of activated EM1®


In case you want to make one on your own, make sure you do it right.


You should also make sure that you 've got the right pH (3.0 - 3.8) at the end of the fermentation.


This, you can check very easily with the paper stripes pH indicators or any other pH meter. 

Sugar Cane molasses

  • The high sugar content and the proportion of valuable minerals, makes sugar cane molasses an ideal food for EM.


  • Together with EM1®, a suitable fermenter (activation tank)

      and good quality water, activated EM1® can be produced.

  • 5L  € 30.00

Activation tanks

  • Plastic tanks, ready to use, in various sizes according to your needs, to activate and multiply the microbes in EM1®, the easiest way.


  • With fixed glass heater

  • Auto ventilation

  • plastic tap for easy bottling

  • wide embouchure for easy cleaning

  •   5L  € 75.00

  • 10L  € 85.00

  • 20L  € 100.00

  • 100L  € 140.00

  •   50L  € 120.00

  • Booklet with 100 paper stripes to check the pH, at the end of the activation.

pH indication stripes

  • € 15.00 - 100 stripes

Tip! You don't need to use the whole stripe to check the pH but just a small piece of it.

      This makes the booklet very economic and long time lasting.

Η ιστοσελίδα μας είναι καθαρά για σκοπούς πληροφόρησης γύρω από την τεχνολογία των ΕΜ.

Τα κείμενα στον ιστοχώρο μας, στο 95% τους αποτελούν δικά μας συγγράμματα, διατυπωμένα όσο το δυνατόν πιο απλά και επεξηγηματικά.

Προσπαθούμε να απεικονίσουμε τον πραγματικό χαρακτήρα της τεχνολογίας και πάντοτε μέσα στα πλαίσια της ανθρωπιστικής και περιβαλλοντικής φιλοσοφίας που έθεσε ο άνθρωπος - επιστήμονας που την ανακάλυψε, την οποία και εμείς ασπαζόμαστε ανιδιοτελώς. 

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