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  • 500ml  € 75.00

EM·X Gold® is a unique health drink produced by a long time fermentation process using EM1® on rice bran,

sea weeds, molasses, yeast, natural seawater-based magnesium chloride, coral calcium (calcium carbonate)

gained by fossil coralline and millet natural colouring.

The three most important aspects of EM-X GOLD action are:


Antioxidation, de-ionization and regenerative resonation.


  • Antioxidation 

     EM·X Gold® contains highly bio-available EM-derived low molecular weight metabolites.

     These metabolites include a big range of antioxidants, trace minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.

     EM·X Gold® has a very high redox potential. This measures the willingness of a substance to deliver electrons.              Substances with a high redox potential provide increased neutralizing effects against free radicals.


  • De-ionization

     The process of de-ionization, facilitates the removal of the electric charge whereby the “information” concerning              poisons and other harmful substances, is made available and the body’s immune system can function optimally            allowing the defense system to drain these unwanted substances.


  • Regenerative resonation

     EM-X Gold® ensures that the natural vibration which occurs throughout the body is repaired and in balance

     so that relevant information signals are recorded and the body is enabled to protect itself from external factors.


EMIKOSAN® is being produced by EM™ fermentation on 14 herbs. The beneficial action of EM™ combined with the properties of the herbs make EMIKOSAN® the optimization of EM™ for active health care for the whole family.

It supports the natural intestinal flora and enhances the immune system.

  • 500ml  € 35.00

EM-X GOLD® Sea salt

Harvested from the sea of Okinawa, only at full moon nights.

It has a great taste and it is loaded with minerals.

The water used is not boiled in the process of extracting the salt. Instead, it is concentrated and evaporated by solar hit with the purpose of keeping its natural flavor, purity and concision.

Due to its treatment with EM™ and EM-X GOLD® it posses very strong antioxidant properties.

  • 100g  € 25.00

EMIKO® Sea salt

Taken from the original sea water which was trapped between two layers of rock, about 220 million years ago, after a volcano eruption, where today is Bad Essen (Osnabrück - Germany).

Taken from a depth of 800 metres, is completely untouched by any pollution, requires no elaborate cleaning

and has a stable consistent composition of 91.5% NaCl and 8.5% minerals.

The original sea brine Salt is extracted exclusively at full moon and then combined with the positive resonances

of Effective Microorganisms® using EM-X Gold® and EM-X® Ceramic.

The drying and forming of salt crystals takes place at max. 40°C in an “atmosphere of well-being” with classical music and orange-colored light, in accordance with the experiences of the Japanese professor Masaru Emoto

and his ice crystal photography.

Due to its treatment with EM-X GOLD® it posses very strong antioxidant properties.

  • 250g  € 20.00

EMIKO® toothpaste

EM-X Gold® Toothpaste in the EMIKO® Care range is made from purely natural raw ingredients.

The finest Rugian healing chalk (from Rugen island in Baltic sea), which naturally contains fluoride,

gently removes harmful plaque without attacking the tooth enamel.

Minerals and trace elements from EM-X GOLD® promote healthy mouth flora

and the natural active ingredients soothe sensitive gums.


The tight embouchure and the minimum necessity to visit the dentist, makes it very economic and long lasting.

  • 80ml  € 15.00

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