EM-X® Resonance Ceramics section

EM-X® Ceramics come in two basic types. The gray type and the pink type.


  • The gray types affects on the molecules, applying positive resonance through Far Infrared Radiation..


  • The pink type acts by absorbing and cupture various elements and substances..

EM-X® Ceramic pipes gray type

  • Ceramic pipes fermented with EM1® and EM-X GOLD®.

They optimize the quality of water and other liquids / substances by positive resonance they emit through Far Infrared Radiation.


They restructure and reduce the size of the molecules/clusters.


They increase the antioxidant potency, they exert deionization and remove any pollutants from the clusters.


Life time illimitable

  • 100gr  € 12.00

  • 500gr  € 50.00

EM-X® Ceramic pipes pink type

  • Ceramic pipes fermented with EM1® and EM-X GOLD®.

They are porous ceramics with strong ability of absorption.


They absorb and capture in their porous, any leftovers.


Should be changed every 5-6 months.

  • 100gr  € 12.00

  • 500gr  € 50.00

EM-X® Ceramic pipes 35mm, gray type

  • Bigger pipes of gray type ceramics for use in bigger tanks

  • Packet of 2 pieces - € 50.00

  • 1 piece  € 30.00

EM-X® ESMOG C Seal stickers

Mini plastic stickers with EM-X® ceramic powder, build in.

They can be pasted on electrical and electronic appliances

(cell phones, laptops, TVs, hair dryers, etc),

to neutralize harmful electromagnetic fields. 

  • 5 pieces  € 35.00

EM-X® GENKI TAIKOBAN accupressure patches

EM-X® ceramic acupressure patches are mini EM-X ® ceramic rings fitted on small round plasters.


They can be pasted on acupuncture points or on the muscles, right on the point of pain or inflammation  to alleviate pain and remove blockages and stiffness.

  • 10 pieces  € 35.00

Spacemate EM-X® Ceramic

  • Packet of 2 pieces  € 150.00

  • 1 piece  € 80.00

Designed, to make your living space comfortable and pleasant.

Can be placed by the TV, computer, other electronic devices.

You can carry them with you in bags or pockets, or they can be placed in the car interiors (around the front and back seats in your vehicle

(i.e. under car mats).


The four circles represent the microorganisms, water, minerals and humans living in harmony.

EM-X® Ceramic jewellery

Apply the possitive resonance of EM-X Ceramics to your body fluids and tissues, with beauty..

  • Necklace € 60.00


  • Bracelet  € 20.00

EM-X® Super Cera C powder

  • EM-X® ceramic in the form of powder.

Can be mixed in the soil, in animal feed and beds, compost, construction materials and more, applying all the beneficial properties of EM-X® ceramics.

read more..

  • 250gr  € 10.00

  • 500gr  € 18.00

  • 1kg  € 30.00

  • 20kg sack

      € 400.00

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